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Within the framework of the project of computerization of services  a total of 143 electronic eGov services will be established,  the provision of which will constantly improve. The introduction of electronic services to ensure equal access to services for every citizen, will create the conditions for the improvement of the business environment. The project will also contribute to an increase in computer literacy. Within the framework of the impact assessment of the project, we expect to increase the efficiency and improve the quality of the services provided.

Through this project of computerising the provision of services of the Municipal Offices in Zilina, requests can be submitted without the need for a personal visit to the office. Time for dealing with the agenda will be accelerated due to some of the data being automatically filled in. You can send a request at any time, even after office hours. Your submission will be dealt with in an automated manner. The answer you will get from the office will also be sent electronically directly to your inbox.

This site allows you to use 143 services from various sections of the   administration that you will be able to search by a range of criteria, eg .:

  • According to individual agendas.
  • According to four basic categories,
  • According to subject,
  • According to life situations.
The main objective of the project is: Building an effective and modern self-service electronisation of the Municipal Offices in Žilina in accordance with the principles of eGovernment.
Specific objectives:
  • Reducing the administrative burden on citizens and businesses by the electronisation of services at the Municipal Offices in Zilina.
  • Increasing the availability of government services to the public with an emphasis on disadvantaged groups in order to increase the satisfaction of the public.
  • Reducing the cost of the services and streamlining the work more effectively as a result of the computerization of services, of the Municipal Offices in Zilina..
  • Increasing the competence and performance of public administration by the optimizing of processes.
  • Improving the quality of life of the citizens and the business environment in Žilina.
  • Increasing public awareness of the electronic services provided by the Municipal Offices in Žilina and the activities of local government.
Results and impacts of the project:
  • Introduction of electronic local government services for citizens.
  • Making the services office for the city of Žilina available to citizens from their homes or places of integrated service points.
  • Making services available to city residents without the need for an office visit.
  • Facilitating communication for citizens with the Municipal Office of Žilina.
  • The electronisation of internal processes.
  • A link to the IS of Public Administration (registers).
  • Optimizing processes and their preparation for computerization.
  • Preparation of computerization from the legislative point of view and from the perspective of the internal directives.
  • IT modernization.
Created: 8/18/2015 | Last updated: 11/23/2015